New blog, New Website, New subjects

So.. I’ve decided to embrace modern culture and start up a blog! All the cool kids are doing it and I was starting to feel left out. I dont know how often i’ll post and appologise now for what I might put up, but I’ll try and make it interesting!

Recently redesigned my website, which you can check out at –

I’ve also changed the focus of my work to landscapes and architectural. While I love shooting people, I love shooting landscapes/buildings even more. Nothing like being outdoors, just you and the camera. Especially if that camera is a lovely 5×4 field camera that takes an age to set up, just to capture that magic 1/15th of a second.

Hope you all enjoy my ramblings on here and I’ll try and keep it upto date!

Image of a river bed in north wales. Dense trees and blue rock.

One of my fav shots at the moment. River bed in Coed y Brenin.

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